Sixity Front + Rear Ceramic Brake Pads 1988-1989 Honda RS250

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Vehicle: 1988-1989 Honda RS250
Braking Product: Ceramic Brake Pad Kit
Brake Part Placement: Front & Rear Wheels

The Sixity Motorcycle Ceramic Brake Pads are proven to deliver steadfast braking performance and control in versatile driving conditions. Designed to reduce high-temperature brake fade, the Sixity Motorcycle Ceramic Composite Brake Pads feature both exceptional stopping power and minimized rotor wear.

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Ceramic Brake Pad Kit
Ceramic Brake Pad Kit

Sixity Ceramic Brake Pads deliver an exceptional (and quiet) braking performance and are the best brake pads for a wide range of driving conditions, providing an ideal combination of high stopping power with ultra-low rotor wear. The ceramic composite braking material unleashes excellent stopping power even on cold mornings (right out of the driveway) and in hot conditions (after miles of all-out mountain highway). The ceramic composite material is formed using high-strength ceramic fibers and non-ferrous metal filaments bonded at extremely high pressure and temperature. The durable, heat-resistant ceramic fibers and polymeric binders reduce thermal-pad decomposition and out-gassing that contribute to high-temperature brake fade. Moreover, the non-ferrous metal filament matrix has a high thermal mass and ideal thermal conductivity to quickly conduct energy away from the pad-rotor interface for fast thermal recovery. While finding the right brake pads for your bike can take time, replacing brake pads and rotors is a maintenance necessity, especially if your ride is already exhibiting symptoms of failing brakes including brake fade (reduction of braking force at high operating temperatures), grinding, dragging, skipping, or non-responsiveness. Whether you need rear brake pads or front brake pads, consider Sixity Powersports for your next brake pad replacement.

  • ELIMINATE BRAKE GRIND AND PAD SQUEAL: equipped with an extremely quiet, vibration-damping braking composite, these ceramic brake pads reduce brake noise
  • GAIN HASSLE-FREE STOPPING POWER: while sintered brakes may require more frequent rotor replacement, ceramic brake pads deliver both smooth braking and minimal rotor wear. Plus, ceramic brake pads enable cold-morning starts with no warm-up required (unlike carbon/graphite or hard-sintered full-race pads)
  • CHOOSE LONG PAD LIFE: the durable high-strength ceramic-fiber structures extend pad life and help the ceramic brake pads last longer than organic or organic/Kevlar pads
  • PAIR WITH CHROME-PLATED WHEELS: the low-dusting formula is non-ferrous (containing no iron compounds) which helps to minimize discoloration of matte or polished wheels
  • MINIMIZE BRAKE FADE: the non-ferrous metal filaments offer the ideal thermal conductivity to quickly conduct heat away from the pad-rotor interface for faster thermal recovery and reduced brake fade and rotor wear
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SKU 2048234240
Color N/A
Brand Sixity
Part Type Ceramic Brake Pad Kit
Part Number N/A
Part Interchange Manufacturer Sixity
Part Interchange Number FA124 FA124 FA151
Pack Size N/A
Condition New
Part Placement Front & Rear Wheels
Vehicle Type Motorcycle
Vehicle Year 1988, 1989
Vehicle Make Honda
Vehicle Model RS250
Vehicle Submodel N/A
Vehicle Engine N/A
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