Wheel Spacers

Sixity ATV Wheel Spacers

Our Sixity Extreme Duty Wheel Spacers are designed for all popular ATV/UTV brands including Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha, plus our most popular Polaris Wheel Spacers. ATV and UTV Wheel Spacers and Adapters allow for increased traction and stability through the installation of larger tires and a wider vehicle base. Lightweight and strong, Sixity ATV and UTV Wheel Spacers ship for free, include a 100% fitment guarantee and one-year warranty.

Precision CNC machined from high-strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum-alloy, with hardened 10.9 Grade Cr steel wheel bolts, Sixity Wheel Spacers and Wheel Adapters are extremely strong, lightweight and durable. See why experienced ATV riders prefer these Sixity products.

  • Increase Traction. Wheel spacers increase tire to frame clearance allowing installation of wider wheels and high-traction mud, rock or snow tires.
  • Improve Vehicle Stability. Wheel spacers widen your vehicle wheel base, increasing stability and resistance to side roll-over. Added stability provides extra control for experienced riders, and an additional margin of safety for younger or less experienced riders.
  • Lightweight and Strong: CNC-machined from high-strength billet aluminum, 2.5X the tensile strength of common aluminum.
  • Hardened Cr-steel Wheel Bolts. Forged, heat-treated and hardened ISO/DIN 10.9 (SAE Grade 8) wheel bolts deliver strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation. Simply bolt the wheel spacer/adapter to your hub, then bolt your wheel to the spacer/adapter. No vehicle modification required.
  • Enhance Wheel Fitment Options. Wheel adapters convert your stock wheel bolt pattern to alternative bolt patterns or bolt sizes, allowing you to mount a larger variety of steel or custom alloy wheels to your rig.
  • Top ATV UTV Makes and Models: Sixity manufactures and sells top Polaris Wheel Spacers, including Polaris Sportsman Wheel Spacers, plus Honda ATV Wheel Spacers, Yamaha ATV Wheel Spacers, Kawasaki ATV Wheel Spacers, and Arctic Cat ATV Wheel Spacers. Use the filters to select your ATV or UTV and see the full selection available.
  • For off-road, recreational and commercial vehicles from Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Can-Am, Cannondale, Club Car, E-ton, EZ-Go, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kei, KTM, Kubota, KYMCO, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha.
  • Most Common Sizes: We carry ATV and UTV Wheel Spacers and Adapters for a wide range of bolt patterns, including popular 4x110 Wheel Spacers and Adapters.

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