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Gates and Dayco Drive Belts

Gates and Dayco are the global leaders in aftermarket drive belts for ATV and Snowmobile applications. Gates Drive Belts and Dayco Drive Belts deliver exceptional CVT transmission performance in a drop-in OEM-upgrade design. We carry ATV drive belts, UTV drive belts, and Snowmobile drive belts for Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha and many more, all with a 100% fitment guarantee. No matter if you are looking for a Polaris drive belt, RZR 1000 drive belt, or Can Am Maverick Drive Belt, turn to Gates and Dayco for exceptional OEM-replacement quality.

Gates and Dayco high-performance Kevlar-fiber reinforced belts provide maximum power-transmission and superior clutch/variator torque-multiplier response for recreational trail-riding or demanding off-road riding and competitive events. Gates and Dayco drive belts are designed for all top ATV UTV brands and are world class OEM-replacements for Polaris drive belts, Can Am drive belts, Yamaha drive belts, Honda drive belts, Arctic Cat drive belts, and many more. Whether shopping for a Gates G-Force Drive Belt or a Dayco XTX Belt, visit for the best pricing and selection.

All Gates Drive Belts and Dayco Drive Belts yield better performance and longer life if they are broken-in under moderate riding conditions. We strongly suggest that the first 10-15 miles of operation are done at less than 50% throttle and less than 50 mph. During the break-in period of your CVT drive belt, frequent shifting over the speed ratio range is also required (ride so that the transmission system shifts often).

  • Kevlar Aramid fiber cords provide extreme tensile-strength and durability, yet maintain belt flexibility for outstanding CVT operation under the widely varying speed and torque loads encountered during rapid acceleration and EBS-system braking.
  • Reinforced high-temperature Neoprene rubber body provide high lateral compression strength and optimal friction.
  • Rounded inner cog construction increases belt flexibility and improves clutch pulley intake and out-feed for smoother CVT operation. Model specific trapezoidal top-notch designs improve heat-dissipation for cooler belt and primary/secondary clutch operation.
  • Direct OEM belt replacement Means zero clutch/variator spring or fly-weight adjustment required at installation.
  • G-Force is simply one of the best Power-Sport drive belts available at any price.
  • Offering a 1-year Snowmobile and 2-year ATV/UTV warranty.

  • Dominate all types of terrain, with three tiers of belts designed for every scenario imaginable.
  • Dayco belts deliver superior strength, enhanced dimensional integrity and stability for a long lasting belt life. Fit, performance and durability.
  • Designed and manufactured to exacting specifications with extra strong p-aramid cord reinforcement and engineered fiber-loaded neoprene compounding.
  • Tested and proven under real world conditions - from extreme everyday use to off-road and professional race conditions.
  • Direct OEM belt replacement means zero clutch/variator spring or fly-weight adjustment required at installation.
  • Designed and manufactured by Dayco, a global leader in research, design and manufacturing of belts for the ATV, snowmobile, automotive, trucking, construction, agricultural and industrial markets.

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